The Facts About Crack

Stick Against Stone
lyrics by J.B. Saunders

the facts about crack
you know it's ruining our world
it'll break your back 
this drug they call girl

and if you all think 
that it is a joke
it'll take you to the bank
this scourge known as coke

it'll have you wheeling and dealing
crossing all of your friends
it'll have you stealing and illing
and tossing up sin, foo

now let me tell you 
'cause it is no lie
the facts about crack 
will make your mother cry

crack -- it's a fact
crack -- it'll put you on the wrong track
crack -- causes heart attacks
crack -- it'll break your motherfucking back

now, crack was caused 
by a conspiracy
between the poor and downtrodden 
like you and me
now I know what I'm saying
causes controversy
but listen to me people 
'cause we got to be free

crack is destroying all our families
causing death and destruction 
and the spread of disease
we're the same people who beat slavery
and what we need now is some recovery

from crack